Meet AnalytiXR




Analytixr performs multi-criteria scoring and ranking, primarily in customer relationships and human resource analytics.

It provides strategic analytics for customer loss or satisfaction within client relationships, and employee loss or satisfaction in the field of human relationships.

Analytixr uses statistical models to analyze data in its own context. At the same time, our product provides learning from your past experiences to provide/equip you with faster service. For this, it uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models.



Areas Of Usage


Based on the needs of your business, Analytixr can be used in every area your data is available, especially in customer relationships and human resources. Therefore, you can use it for banking, insurance, transportation, tourism, retail and in many other places.


Customer Relationships: In addition to delivering customer analytics services, it provides strategic analytics such as customer, customer-segment matching and customer penetration/loss analysis.



Human Resources: In addition to HR analysis service, it provides strategic analytics such as happy employee, employee career/training matching and employee separation analysis.



Ways of using AnalytiXR  


Usage 1:


You can download and use the application on our online platform. This way, you do not have to share your data with us.



Usage 2:


You can use it on our online platform. You can use our analytical software by uploading your data on Analytxr. The only thing to note here is that your data is uploaded in the correct format. Thus, Analytixr can easily provide you with analysis results through machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence models and statistical models.

OptiScorer Packets


Package 1:


Download and use/Install and use package: Only the annual license fee is paid and the application can be downloaded and used on the data or the data can be uploaded on the web and the application can be used.


Annual license fee: $ 150



Package 2:


Package 1 + Installation package: Our specialist friend installs customized packages for your company. The installation is usually completed in 1 day and a fee of $ 300 is charged. There may be additional delays in installation in complicated situations. It is expected that the permission to access your data and the technical details have been specified during installation.


Package 2 total fee: $ 50 per year license + $ 300 per day installation fee.



Package 3:


Customized development: In this packet, specific problems are identified for you and customized statistical and machine learning models are developed. The results are produced specifically for you and the error rates are much lower. In addition, many problems that your business has can be solved during this time.


You can get pricing information for Package 3 by communicating with us.